Month: August 2019

A Feedback Loop between Dynamin and Actin Recruitment during Clathrin-Mediated Endocytosis

Clathrin-mediated endocytosis proceeds by a sequential series of reactions catalyzed by discrete sets of protein machinery. The final reaction in clathrin-mediated endocytosis is membrane scission, which is mediated by the large guanosine triophosphate hydrolase (GTPase) dynamin and which may involve the actin-dependent recruitment of N-terminal containing BIN/Amphiphysin/RVS domain containing (N-BAR) proteins.

Coastal Resilience from Marine Debris on Montague Island

Marine debris is an increasing global problem in the oceans and along Alaska’s coastline. Marine debris is any man made item that gets put into the sea. Some sources of marine debris include tsunamis, windblown from shores, deliberate or accidental garbage disposal into the sea, and improperly secured or disposed of refuge such as derelict fishing gear.

A Critical Role for the Hippocampus in the Valuation of Imagined Outcomes

Many choice situations require imagining potential outcomes, a capacity that was shown to involve memory brain regions such as the hippocampus. We reasoned that the quality of hippocampus-mediated simulation might therefore condition the subjective value assigned to imagined outcomes.

Interactions of the Arctic Fox and Sea Ice in a Changing Arctic Ecosystem

Alopex lagopus is a mammal that lives above the Arctic Circle. It has a varied diet and will scavenge for food opportunistically. In the winter time it primarily scavenges polar bear kills on sea ice. One problem affecting Alopex lagopus is the Arctic sea ice has been decreasing extent, thickness, and length of season.

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