About Us

About ScienceBuzz: ScienceBuzz is an academic-networking platform that connects young researchers to one another and exposes their original work to scientists and institutions around the world and to the global scientific community. It is uniquely positioned to provide an outlet for students to create and build their profiles and get acknowledged. They can upload videos, write short bios, showcase their research, receive feedback, and interact with other like-minded peers or industry professionals.


We plan to help thousands of students by showcasing their work and providing a platform to get connected to thousands of colleagues, scientists, and institutes. 


Building a global STEM community for middle and high school students. Popularizing young scientists by connecting them to the global scientific community. 



Roy Ghosh

Founder and President

Roy Ghosh is a freshman at Stanford University studying Bioengineering. He has participated in science fairs and research internships for the past six years. He has been an intern at the National Institutes of Health for the past two years, performing research on metastatic cancers and chemotherapeutics. Before then, during middle school and as a freshman, Roy had been an independent researcher at Lehigh University’s Bionanomechanics Lab.

He is a Siemens Semifinalist, two-time National Junior Science and Humanities finalist, International BioGENEius Challenge finalist, National Brain Bee finalist, two-time National Science Olympiad finalist and Silver Medalist, and Second Prize Winner in Biomedical Sciences at the International Science and Engineering Fair. Roy had been personally affected by the lack of a platform to showcase and communicate his work, and thus founded ScienceBuzz to help thousands of other students like him.

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