Methods of Reusing Food Waste

The development of an algorithm through the assessment of nutrients in a recycled food supplement for canines.

Summary of Research

The goal of this research is to show an innovative way to reuse food waste that is cost effective and environmentally friendly. An engineered recycled food supplement was developed for use in canine shelters and the individual home, to address the issue of food waste. This solution was developed based on observed habits of feeding canines leftovers, and of students throwing away a majority of their lunch in schools.

To provide a nutritionally balanced supplement, USDA standards were referenced to estimate an original prototype recipe. Macronutrient levels were then compared to estimations and the recipe was adjusted to correct any varying levels. To create a fully balanced supplement, micronutrients were analyzed. Adjustments were made based off the analysis. The assessment of adjustment three, which utilized an algorithm, confirmed it comparable to other dog food.

Pursuing a realistically applicable program, nutrients were analyzed in dog food catered to specific breed types of dogs. These results were employed to optimize the system further with a Java program that will allow individual use of the system. The customer input their canine’s breed, ingredients available, and number of ingredients, to have the program runs until different combinations are found that fit the individual’s needs. This research shows that recycled, fresh food can be used to make a nutritious supplement for dogs while providing a cheap, eco-friendly and healthy alternative to store bought dog food. The program can be many institutions, all the while decreasing the environmental impact that is made from wasting food.

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Methods of Reusing Food Waste

The development of an algorithm through the assessment of nutrients in a recycled food supplement for canines.

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