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A network of young scientists, programs, and institutes allow increased collaboration between them and the individual student. ScienceBuzz fosters communication between students. We want younger students to get ideas from their more experienced peers. We want them to share their passion and bounce future ideas off of each other. Our ultimate goal is to see Collaboration Redefined.

We know it’s hard to make academic research be as exciting as sports games or YouTube videos, but this is our mission. ScienceBuzz is an academic-networking site for all students interested in science. Essentially, it acts as a mashup of Facebook, LinkedIn, ResearchGate, and Twitter.

ScienceBuzz allows users to create profiles for others to view. They have the ability to upload videos, expose their work, discuss new technologies, and interact with their peers and industry professionals.

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2018 ScienceBuzz Symposium

Click Here to go to the Conference Website

We are excited to announce the first annual ScienceBuzz Symposium, dedicated to middle and high school students. The conference and registration is completely free! Currently, the symposium date is June 9, 2018.

Pre-register for the symposium by visiting the conference website or clicking here. There are a limited number of seats and we expect to fill up quickly, so register ASAP. The event will include several internationally-renowned speakers, workshop sessions, company exhibitions, scholarships, and research presentations. 


The 2018 ScienceBuzz Symposium is the first, completely free conference exclusively for middle and high school students. Our theme for this year is “One Day of Powerful Talks.”

It will be hosted in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, but will include students from around the state and nearby regions. The event will have national guest keynote speakers (including a Nobel Prize Laureate, the head of a leading scientific institution, college admissions officers, university professors, leaders in gifted education, and top biopharma executives). It will also include workshop sessions, student poster presentations, five research scholarship awards, organizational and company exhibitions, and unique networking opportunities.

To learn more about the symposium, agenda, and logistical details, visit our website at www.sciencebuzz.wixsite.com/symposium

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